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This has been a busy week. I just flew in last night from #ENAR2016 and I’m getting ready for a postdoc interview tomorrow, which means that I’m also flying today. On the flight back from #ENAR2016 I started reading a book my friend John Muschelli bought for me. It’s called The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Anchor and so far I’m loving it. There are several things that it talks about that I’ve done in the past, but maybe not in the past year. Anyhow, I’ll probably talk about it in a separate blog post.

Happiness Advantage

But coincidentally, a friend of mine from undergrad just shared with me the following YouTube video. Watching it made me very happy! We definitely had a blast during undergrad. The person that talks about Boston is Frederick Bieber (he’s kinda hard to google due to his last name) who at the time worked with 5 of my classmates.

My undergrad class from LCG-UNAM (link is in English) was the 3rd one (yup, still guinea pigs) and the only one to start off with 40 students. Some left to study other degrees, most of us continue to work in academia getting our master’s, PhDs, postdocs done; others have chosen different career paths, and sadly one of us already passed away. But I bet we can all say that 2005-2009 were good and happy years.

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