Third Student Cultural Mixer

Note: the Fall event will be student and post doc only while the Spring event will be open to the whole department. This is to smooth the integration process for the new students. A survey showed that at least some first year students would be more likely to either attend or present if it’s a student-only event.

Epi vs Biostat Kickball match Spring 2013

This past Saturday the Epi and Biostat troops met for another fun kickball match. Obviously Biostat beat Epi, yup I know: again! This time the score was 15-8 (according to our bookkeeper and captain John) or 12-8 (according to some in Epi). There was a hint of a surprise at the beginning when Epi scored two runs in the top of the first inning. However, the tide changed back with a homerun by Rumen.

"Do analytics really tell the whole story?"

“Do analytics really tell the whole story?" by Vic Ketchman explores how analytics is used nowadays in the NFL draft. The entry point is the "Moneyball" movie and Ketchman’s piece is mainly a digested interview to Tony Villiotti from According to him: What is analytics? It’s the accumulation of meaningful patterns in data, for the purpose of using that data to predict future results. I’m not a fan of the wording used, but well, the point they make is that they use data to predict the future.

New Citi ThankYou ballon TV commercial looks like a ripoff of Hello Kitty in Space

I don’t know about you, but I think that this new “Citi ThankYou Cards” TV commercial is trying to ride the popularity train from the “HELLO KITTY IN SPACE” video. Hm… it looks like a ripoff, smells like a ripoff, tastes like a ripoff… is it a ripoff? Maybe it’s just flattery, maybe it’s imitation, or maybe it’s copyright infringement. What do you think?

02/27/12 PHD comic: 'Inspired by true events'

02/27/12 PHD comic: ‘Inspired by true events'Totally what happened to me on Monday night! (whenever I saved this post as a draft :P, but it’s happening again now)

Homepage photos: which cheek you show says something?

John Bohannon wrote Scientists’ Photos Reveal Their Inner Mr. Spock which I found funny in a science-curious kind of way. I hadn’t thought about the message you could be sending depending on which cheek you show. I had only noticed that people like to show more serious-looking photos of themselves and sometimes make it an obviously funny one. I have to say too that some of the pages from my co-workers don’t even show a picture.

05/9/12 PHD comic: 'Grad Stereogram'

05/9/12 PHD comic: ‘Grad Stereogram'Is there really something hidden in the pic? I couldn’t see it :P I guessed that there shouldn’t be anything from the text, but just in case I checked. 


More here. (Saw it from a fb friend).

PhD Comics about beers!

I love the “I went to have a few beers with my friends”!