Easily explore a table with shinycsv

Have you ever had to explore a table with data? I believe the answer is yes for most people that work at a computer or even just use it for communicating with their friends and family. Tables of data pop up everywhere, for example in personal finance. Websites like allow you to download your transactions in a CSV file called transactions.csv. CSV is one of the many formats for storing tables and most likely when you try to open the transactions.

LIBD video

Starting this week, I’ll be doing my research with the Lieber Institute for Brain Development (LIBD) as Andrew Jaffe’s first Ph.D. student there. My main advisor will continue to be Jeff Leek which is great for me. I’ll have access to massive data sets at Lieber and will face the challenge of integrative genomics. That will be fun, exciting and challenging!Here’s a short video explaining what the LIBD is about and why Baltimore is a growing city.