An Online Bioinformatics Curriculum

Last week I talked about online courses in my JHSPH-Biostat through Coursera post. Now I’m back to comment on An Online Bioinformatics Curriculum by David B. Searls. Sur Herrera pointed out this paper to me, and I have to say that if you are considering learning bioinformatics online it will be very useful to you.

Learning about social networks through an interactive presentation

During this week’s journal club meeting Hilary Parker (homepage, blog) led the session on “Identifying influential and susceptible members of social networks”. Were there some speakers or why did she “lead the session”?

Is science cool?

Adam Ruben shares his answer to whether science is cool or not. Since “cool” depends on the current trends, this question is set on the recent landing of Curiosity. It’s the landrover that recently landed on Mars and has been sending some pictures back.

Pollination video

Great video! Thank you aunt for sending it to me =)