The evolution of my academic career as seen through posters and talks thanks to hugo academic 4.1

The hugo-academic theme which powers my website is active and frequently updated. I don’t update my website that frequently anymore, but I recently found about many of their changes when I made the CDSB website. We are delighted to share with you our new webpage at https://t.co/rNuiRlNixV with both English and Spanish support Estamos encantados de compartirles nuestra nueva página web que viene en español e inglés It'll replace/remplazará a https://t.

Creating your Jekyll-Bootstrap powered blog for R blogging

As you might have noticed, I recently decided to move Fellgernon Bit from Tumblr to GitHub. There are a couple of reasons why I made this change. I wanted a more professional-looking blog. There are not many R blogs on Tumblr, and well, long text posts are not really meant for Tumblr. Better code highlighting. I had enabled R code highlighting using the highlighting instructions from Jeffrey Horner (Horner, Part I).

Bmore Biostats is born!

In recent weeks, I have met with a group of students @jhubiostat interested in blogging about their research, tutorials, pieces of R code, among plenty of other subjects. Within this group we had the idea to aggregate our blogs so it would be easier for others to follow us and to easily promote our own blogs to a much larger audience. Basically, do what R-bloggers does but focused on blogs from students at Johns Hopkins Biostatistics.

Liking "Inbox Zero for Life"

I’ve been using the “Inbox Zero for Life" strategy for a few weeks, and I think that it’s been payed off for me in this short span. As it’s stated in that long guide, one of the major concerns you might have is that it could end up as just changing a current problem for another one. I think that so far, that hasn’t been the case for me. Sure, my starred emails is not 0, but it stays at a steady number and doesn’t increase as my inbox (even with priority inbox) did.

Adding youtube videos in pdfs, html reports and html presentations

I got a question today on how to add a video to a beamer pdf presentation. Well, I had never done it, but I got curious enough to google around for a bit and here is the end product. One way of doing it is using the media9 tex package. For this to work you need to have the latest version of texlive (or miktex). Then, it’s quite straight forward to include the video.

Super basic Illustrator: event invitation

Amanda and I are organizing a cultural student mixer for students in our department. One of the things we needed to do was invite everyone to attend. I like using computers, but graphic design is not something that I’m too excited about, but I still wanted to try something out. My goal was to show an image of a bowling lane where the Earth (as the ball) knocks down “statistical pins”.

Check all your accounts for emails at once in Gmail

Do you use Gmail as your primary email account? Primary, what? Well, I’m sure that you have your personal account somewhere and your work or university account too. You can either log into each email interface or you can integrate them to a single one. Gmail makes this easy as you can go to the “Settings -> Accounts and Import” to set up Gmail to pull all of your email into it.

JHSPH-Biostat through Coursera

Have you heard of online education? If you are in the US or Mexico I’m sure that you have seen some ads about online universities. Well, that’s not the type of education I’m talking about. I’m talking about free high-quality education. For some years, the top option has been the Open Courseware (OCW) organized under the Open Courseware Consortium (OCWC). Back in 2009 I was pushed my undergrad (LCG-UNAM) to design and teach OCW-compliant courses.

Correctly synching AddThis and Google Analytics social stats

As a minor addition to my previous posts about setting up a blog, I want to detail a bit more how to synchronize your AddThis social sharing statistics (AddThis Analytics) with Google Analytics. The main help file explaining how to do so has been a bit confusing for me. Though, in part that’s because I didn’t read it completely. Plus there were a few things I didn’t know. First, Google Analytics (GA) has two ways in which you can add it to your site: synchronous and asynchronous.

Make it easy for your visitors to suscribe with a burnt RSS feed

Recently I talked about how to set up your own blog and now I’m going to continue by emphasizing the importance of an RSS feed. What is it? Basically it is a unique format in which content from frequently updated sites (like a blog) is syndicated. Web syndication allows you to share the content of your site (blog) to many different sites automatically. This is specially useful for people who are interested in following your blog.