Research Scientist: an academic career launch pad

After a long start to 2020 including the past four very busy weeks, I’m happy to announce that today March 16th 2020 I accepted a position as Research Scientist at the Lieber Institute for Brain Development in Baltimore, MD, USA.

Sharing my work for "Advanced Methods III"

This semester I’m taking the live version of the Data Analysis class by Jeff Leek. His more popular version of the course is available through Coursera. One of the things that Jeff promotes is reproducibility and sharing code.

Introduction to R and Biostatistics (2012 version): presentation

To follow my Introducing R and Biostatistics to first year LCG students (2012 version) post, you can now find the presentation online from my site either in presentation format, in a single webpage format, or the raw Rmd file.

Introducing R and Biostatistics to first year LCG students (2012 version)

On Friday November 9th I’ll be giving a talk to the first year students from the Undergraduate Program on Genomic Sciences (LCG in Spanish) during their “Seminar 1: Introduction to Bioinformatics” course.

JHSPH-Biostat through Coursera

Have you heard of online education? If you are in the US or Mexico I’m sure that you have seen some ads about online universities. Well, that’s not the type of education I’m talking about.