Federico Sánchez Rodríguez 1950-2016

Today the UNAM community at large mourns the passing of Federico Sánchez Rodríguez. He got his bachelor’s degree from the School of Chemistry - UNAM, masters and PhD degrees from Biomedicas - UNAM, postdoc from UCSF, was a member of CIFN-UNAM now called CCG-UNAM (it’s his affiliation in this 1983 paper), and worked most of his career at IBT-UNAM.

I’m sure that he made many friends, trained many students at all levels, and had a highly productive academic career as evidenced on his homepage where he lists many papers, patents, etc.

LCG-UNAM 11 years ago

This has been a busy week. I just flew in last night from #ENAR2016 and I’m getting ready for a postdoc interview tomorrow, which means that I’m also flying today. On the flight back from #ENAR2016 I started reading a book my friend John Muschelli bought for me. It’s called The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Anchor and so far I’m loving it. There are several things that it talks about that I’ve done in the past, but maybe not in the past year.

Keeping in touch (ENAR2014?) and philosophical questions regarding México's future in genomics

The following text is an email I sent to several of my friends from the LCG undergraduate program I studied. There I talk about keeping in touch, I invite them to ENAR 2014, and also talk about some philosophical questions regarding our future. 

I’m posting it here because I don’t mind sharing these thoughts and because I don’t have the current email addresses of many former LCG students.


Commenting scientific papers

I’ve been thinking about commenting papers in blog posts. I did a few some long time ago, but now I’m thinking of doing this activity more systematically. There are several reasons why I’m thinking of doing this, say for 1 paper a week. It has the obvious advantage of forcing me to read a paper in depth per week. At the same time, I want to learn more from others. See what I like in other papers and maybe avoid some mistakes.

Introduction to R and Biostatistics (2012 version): presentation

To follow my Introducing R and Biostatistics to first year LCG students (2012 version) post, you can now find the presentation online from my site either in presentation format, in a single webpage format, or the raw Rmd file. To prove the point that publishing to RPubs is super easy, you can also find the single webpage format over there. I also like how you can comment and share in RPubs.

Introducing R and Biostatistics to first year LCG students (2012 version)

On Friday November 9th I’ll be giving a talk to the first year students from the Undergraduate Program on Genomic Sciences (LCG in Spanish) during their “Seminar 1: Introduction to Bioinformatics” course. It’s just like I did a year ago as I documented in my post Introducing Biostatistics to first year LCG students. Well, this time I’ll change things a bit. I’m allowed to require the students to read 2-3 papers before my talk to introduce them to my field.

Introducing Biostatistics to first year LCG students

Around two weeks ago I gave a talk via skype to the first year students from the Undergraduate Program on Genomic Sciences (LCG in Spanish) from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM in Spanish). The talk was under the context of the Introduction to Bioinformatics Seminar Series whose goal is to familiarize the new students with the bioinformatics world. It used to be a course heavy on exploring database websites, some basic theory, and lots of new concepts and algorithm names.