I'm disappointed by the reaction against the Tokyo 2020 Mexican Women Softball team

Yesterday there was a controversy because the Mexican Women’s softball team at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics (Wikipedia, Instagram) threw several uniforms and equipment to the trash (source: ESPN). Right now I’m really disappointed with the negative reaction and personal attacks against the members of said team.

Research Scientist: an academic career launch pad

After a long start to 2020 including the past four very busy weeks, I’m happy to announce that today March 16th 2020 I accepted a position as Research Scientist at the Lieber Institute for Brain Development in Baltimore, MD, USA.

Problems with an article from the Baltimore Sun covering Dr. Mahoney-Steel’s immigration issues

Today, September 19th 2018, Dan Rodricks (Twitter: DanRodricks) published an article in the Baltimore Sun. The article was shared to me with the title I only thought this happened to Mexicans1 and is currently titled2 as “Rodricks: Hopkins library specialist hit by immigration crackdown after being blindsided by visa denial”.