And so begins English Composition I

This week started the English Composition I: Achieving Expertise course (Comer, 2013) that I have been looking forward to.

I am not sure yet how long I will last, but I hope to enjoy it as much as I can. Plus, it should help me with my posting and other writing areas. While I last in the course, I plan to publish my writings in the blog too. So you will hopefully see me be more active here.

As it is important to cite when writing, I have also figured out how to do so automatically in Rmd files. For that I learnt how to use knitcitations from the GitHub instructions (knitcitations) and a explanatory post (Boettiger, 2013).

knitcitations is great, but it kind of struggles with some pages. That is why I modified my template in FBit by writing my own citing function for pages where citep fails. Here is the code:

## I made my own citing function since citep() doesn't work like I want to with
## urls that are not really pages themselve like part of a GitHub repo.
mycitep <- function(x, short, year=substr(date(), 21, 24), tooltip=TRUE) {
	tmp <- citep(x)
	res <- gsub("></a>", paste0(">", short, "</a>"), tmp)
	if(tooltip) {
		res <- gsub("\\?\\?\\?\\?", year, res)

## You already saw an inline working example in the post itself.