Métodos Estadísticos y Analíticos de Datos Genómicos


I organized this one week course, Statistical Methods and Analysis of Genomic Data, in January 2010 for those working (or planning to) on high-throughput biology data. We had invited lecturers from different institutions and overall I think that everyone enjoyed it. You can view the full program on the image or download it here. Below you will find links for most of the material.

Day 1

  1. Biology behind Microarrays by Armando Hernández Mendoza.
  2. Analysis of microarrays by Claudia Rangel Escareño.
  3. Introduction to R by José Victor Moreno Mayar. PDF R (Spanish)

Day 2

Veronica Rohen gave several lectures on statistics this day.
  1. ANOVA. PDF (Spanish)
  2. Descriptive Statistics. PDF (Spanish)
  3. Experimental Design. PDF (Spanish)
  4. Estimation. PDF (Spanish)
  5. Probability Overview. PDF (Spanish)
  6. Hypothesis Testing. PDF (Spanish)

Day 3

  1. Biology behind high-throughput sequencing by Alfredo Mendoza Vargas and Ricardo Alfredo Grande Cano.
  2. Introduction to the IBT Cluster by Jérôme Verleyen. PDF (Spanish)
  3. Introduction to Perl by Verónica Jiménez Jacinto. PPT, exercises ZIP (Spanish)
  4. Introduction to BioPerl by Verónica Jiménez Jacinto. PPT (Spanish)

Day 4

  1. Using the SOLiD System by Karol Carrillo Sánchez. PDF (Spanish)
  2. Using Bioconductor for High-Throughput Sequencing data, part one by Alejandro Reyes. PDF R (Spanish) Part two by Leonardo Collado Torres. PDF R (Spanish)
  3. Software for High-Throughput Sequencing data by Leonardo Collado Torres. PDF R (Spanish)

Day 5

  1. C language and parallel computing by Carlos Polanco Gonzalez. ZIP (Spanish)

Spanish = material in Spanish. English = material in English.