Git for research

L. Collado-Torres

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Version control

How do you version control?

  • Do nothing, hope for the best!
  • Mark them as old, new
  • Store files in a different directory
  • Append a _v1, _v2, etc to the file name
  • Add the date, for example: 2012_9_11_class.pdf
  • Use Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Docs, ShareLatex or something else to manage the files.

Why use a version control system?

  • Good organization can save a lot of time!
  • Clean directory
  • Best for collaborating with others: specially if you are working on the same file
  • Good project development practice
  • Helps share & reproduce


  • It's a distributed version control system (DVCS)
  • The most used system: subversion uses git for their code!
  • Highly popular thanks to GitHub

Git basics

git init

git clone

git config