This function is very similar to usethis::use_readme_rmd() except that it uses a template from biocthis. This template README.Rmd includes information on how to install your Bioconductor package, how to cite it, and thanks the authors of several packages. It was built on top of the original template from usethis::use_readme_rmd().

use_bioc_readme_rmd(open = rlang::is_interactive())



Open the newly created file for editing? Happens in RStudio, if applicable, or via utils::file.edit() otherwise. This argument has the same behavior as the open argument used in usethis functions.


This function adds and/or replaces the README.Rmd file in your R package. It's useful to use devtools::build_readme() after running this function or whenever you update the README.Rmd file.


if (FALSE) {
## Run this function in your package

## Create an example package for illustrative purposes.
## Note: you do not need to run this for your own package!
pkgdir <- biocthis_example_pkg(use_git = TRUE)
#> Package: biocthisexample
#> Title: What the Package Does (One Line, Title Case)
#> Version:
#> Authors@R (parsed):
#>     * First Last <> [aut, cre] (YOUR-ORCID-ID)
#> Description: What the package does (one paragraph).
#> License: `use_mit_license()`, `use_gpl3_license()` or friends to
#>     pick a license
#> Encoding: UTF-8
#> Roxygen: list(markdown = TRUE)
#> RoxygenNote: 7.1.2

## Create a template README.Rmd file that is Bioconductor-friendly
#>  Writing 'README.Rmd'
#>  Adding '^README\\.Rmd$' to '.Rbuildignore'
#>  Writing '.git/hooks/pre-commit'