Introducing Git while making your academic webpage

Last week I gave a presentation during our computing club on how to use git (a version control system). I used as a motivating example the first steps of creating your own academic webpage. The goal was to make it interesting to both new students (who might have been more interested on the webpage part) and older students (for whom version control should be a must). The slides and all the material is publicly available through the following Bitbucket repository: You can access the slides by clicking on “Source”, “slides” and then “html_git.pdf”.

For the talk, I tried to make it more interactive but at the same time I wanted to make sure that the material could work for reference in the future. For example, I added a commands.txt file so anyone following me could easily copy-paste the commands. By the way, for Git Bash in Windows, you paste stuff by using the insert key instead of the usual “ctrl + v” shortcut.

I’m posting about it as it could be useful to other people, so feel free to share it.