Introduction to R and Biostatistics

This was a semester course for students in the Biomedical Sciences PhD program at the Center for Genomic Sciences (UNAM). To lighten the load, Alejandra Medina Rivera, Osbaldo Resendis Antonio and myself organized it and split the lecture time. In contrast to the High-Throughput Sequencing Analysis with Bioconductor course, students were not required to have any knowledge of R and Biostatistics. This made it challenging at times, but interesting too as we saw how the students progressed over the semester.

Please check the proposed syllabus PDF (Spanish) for the course before proceeding. Below you will find links for the majority of the material, specially by Alejandra Medina Rivera and myself.


  1. Probability notes by Veronica Rohen. PDF (Spanish)
  2. Probability notes II by Veronica Rohen. PDF (Spanish)
  3. Distributions by Veronica Rohen. PDF (Spanish)
  4. Descriptive Statistics by Veronica Rohen. PDF (Spanish)
  5. Introduction to R by Alejandra Medina Rivera. PDF R (English)
  6. Introduction to R II (lists, data frames) by Alejandra Medina Rivera. PDF R heartatk4R.txt R (English)
  7. Introduction to R III (loops) by Alejandra Medina Rivera. PDF R TFCFAutoTUGene.txt R (English)
  8. Plotting with R by Alejandra Medina Rivera. PDF R w1.dat (English)
  9. R programming exercise by Alejandra Medina Rivera. PDF (English) Exercise description (Spanish)
  10. Summary Statistics by Alejandra Medina Rivera. PDF R (English)
  11. Determining pvalues. PDF R (English)
  12. Hypothesis testing: parametric tests. PDF R (English)
  13. Genome Graphs. PDF R, exercise PDF, and answer to the exercise PDF R (English)
  14. GenomicRanges. PDF R reads.rda R (English)
  15. Simple linear regression. PDF R (English)
  16. Bioconductor tools for high-throughput sequencing data. PDF R NA19240.chrom6.SLX.maq.SRP000032.2009_07.bam.bai and na19240.rda R (English)

Spanish = material in Spanish. English = material in English.