Welcome to Statistical Computing!

Welcome to Statistical Computing at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health!

What is this course?

This course covers the basics of practical issues in programming and other computer skills required for the research and application of statistical methods. Includes programming in R and the tidyverse, data ethics, best practices for coding and reproducible research, introduction to data visualizations, best practices for working with special data types (dates/times, text data, etc), best practices for storing data, basics of debugging, organizing and commenting code, basics of leveraging Python from R. Topics in statistical data analysis provide working examples.

Getting started

I suggest that you start by looking over the Syllabus and Schedule under General Information. After that, start with the Lectures content in the given order.


This course was developed in 2021 and 2022 by Stephanie Hicks and since 2023 it is being maintained by Leonardo Collado Torres.

The following individuals have contributed to improving the course or materials have been adapted from their courses: Roger D. Peng, Andreas Handel, Naim Rashid, Michael Love.

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