Thank you for using derfinder! Before filing an issue, there are few things you should know to make the process as smooth as possible for both parties.

Make a reprex

Start by making a minimally reproducible example, also known as a ‘reprex’. You may use the reprex R package to create one, though it is not necessary but it does help. It will make all of your R-question-asking endeavors easier. Learning how to use it takes about 5 to 10 minutes.

For more tips on how to make a minimally reproducible example, see this StackOverflow link.

Where to post it?

The Bioconductor help web page gives an overview of places that may help answer your question.

  • Bioconductor software related questions, such as bug reports and feature requests, should be addressed in the appropriate Bioconductor/derfinder GitHub repository. Follow our bug report and feature request templates on GitHub. If the package does not have a GitHub repository, see the next bullet point.

  • Bioconductor software usage questions should be addressed in the Bioconductor Support Website. Make sure to use the appropriate package tag, otherwise the package authors will not get a notification.

  • General R questions can be posed at StackOverflow or at the RStudio Community website especially if they pertain to the tidyverse or the RStudio GUI or related products.

Issues or Feature Requests

Before opening a new issue or feature request, be sure to search issues and pull requests to ensure that one does not already exist or has been implemented in the development version.

Note. You can remove the is:open search term in the issues page to search through open and closed issues. See this link to learn more about modifying the search.

What happens next?

Our Bioconductor maintainers are limited in resources but they do strive to be as responsive as possible.

Please do not forget to tag the appropriate maintainer in the issue with their GitHub username (e.g., @username).

In order to make it easy as possible for Bioconductor core developers to remediate the issue. Provide an accurate, brief, and reproducible report as outlined in the issue templates.

Thank you for trusting Bioconductor.