For a given BAM calculate the total number of mapped reads and for a BigWig file calculate the area under the curve (AUC), which is related to the number of mapped reads: the exact relationship depends on whether the aligner soft clips reads and/or if the length of the reads is the same. If you use the 'chrs' argument you can choose to only consider the information for your chromosomes of interest. For example, you can exclude the mitocondrial chromosome.

getTotalMapped(rawFile, chrs = NULL)



Either a BAM file or a BigWig file.


If NULL, all the chromosomes will be used. Otherwise, only those in chrs will be used.


The total number of mapped reads for a BAM file or the AUC for a BigWig file in a single element vector.


Leonardo Collado-Torres


## Get the total number of mapped reads for an example BAM file:
bam <- system.file("extdata", "genomeData", "ERR009102_accepted_hits.bam",
    package = "derfinder", mustWork = TRUE
#> [1] 6