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In February 2020 we published the first pre-print using the 10x Genomics Visium platform for spatial transcriptomics. For this project we created the spatialLIBD Bioconductor package and started developing new analytical methods for this type of data. Given that we shared all the data and code when we posted the pre-print, by the time the peer-reviewed publication was made public in February 2021, others had already used our dataset to develop and showcase their methods. For example, BayesSpace’s pre-print was posted on September 2020, prior to their own June 2021 peer-reviewed publication. We are now using BayesSpace in our projects. This is an example of how open science and open access accelerate science.

Leonardo Collado-Torres
Leonardo Collado-Torres
Investigator @ LIBD, Assistant Professor, Department of Biostatistics @ JHBSPH

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