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Image credit: F1000Research


In 2015 we re-processed all the human RNA-seq that was publicly available at the time in an effort to improve the usability of this complex type of data and to facilitate developing new bioinformatic and biostatistical methods. Via recount2 we have democratized the access to this rich data and this project has lead to many different publications by the recount2 team and other researchers.

More recently, we are working on a subset of brain samples from recount2 for the recount-brain project lead by Ashkaun Razmara.

Leonardo Collado-Torres
Staff Scientist II

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The usability of publicly-available gene expression data is often limited by the availability of high-quality, standardized biological …

Background: Publicly available genomic data are a valuable resource for studying normal human variation and disease, but these data are …

More than 70,000 short-read RNA-sequencing samples are publicly available through the recount2 project, a curated database of summary …

recount2 is a resource of processed and summarized expression data spanning over 70,000 human RNA-seq samples from the Sequence Read …

We describe Rail-RNA, a cloud-enabled spliced aligner that analyzes many samples at once. Rail-RNA eliminates redundant work across …


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