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The goal of my Ph.D. with Jeff Leek and Andrew Jaffe at JHBSPH was to develop statistical methods and software that enable researchers to differentiate the sources of variation observed in RNA-seq while minimizing the dependance on known annotation. This allows researchers to correct for technological variation and study the biological variation driving their phenotype of interest. This work lead to the development of the derfinder and regionReport Bioconductor packages. We then applied these methods to further our understanding of neuropsychiatric disorders using the Lieber Institute for Brain Development human brains collection.

Leonardo Collado-Torres
Staff Scientist II

Brain genomics #rstats coder working w/ @andrewejaffe @LieberInstitute. @lcgunam @jhubiostat @jtleek alumni. @LIBDrstats @CDSBMexico co-founder.


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