9 Building Tidy Tools

In order to organize our code, test it, and share it internally and also externally, we write R packages. Some of them we submit them to Bioconductor and share them more widely. There are several R packages that make the process of writing new R packages easier, such as devtools, usethis, roxygen2, and biocthis. To learn more about devtools and friends, we revised the material from the rstudio::conf(2020) workshop Building Tidy Tools that was taught by Charlotte Wickham and Hadley Wickham. In the LIBD rstats club, we’ve also used materials from their 2019 workshop.

The Building Tidy Tools workshop is very useful if you want to transition from R user to R developer. If you are a Spanish speaker, you might be interested in our translation of their rstudio::conf(2019) workshop at CDBS.

9.1 Bootcamp sessions

This workshop involves several exercises, which we highly recommend that you try to solve. One of our solutions is lahuuki/foofactors2. Below you can watch the videos of our training sessions.

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