7 The Elements of Data Analytic Style

Jeff Leek is world renowned for his efforts in data science education and become widely known through the JHU Data Science Specialization Coursera courses as well as the Simply Statitics blog. Over the years, Jeff has shared his ideas through multiple venues including GitHub repositories such as jtleek/reviews which provides a guide for reviewing papers.

Around 2016, Jeff re-organized his ideas related to learning and applying data science to create a book called The Elements of Data Analytic Style that you can buy for a small amount or even get it free through Leanpub. This book is about 90 pages long and is organized in chapters that cover topics such as:

  1. The data analytic question
  2. Tidying the data
  3. Checking the data
  4. Exploratory analysis
  5. Statistical modeling and inference
  6. Prediction and machine learning
  7. Causality
  8. Written analyses
  9. Creating figures
  10. Presenting data
  11. Reproducibility
  12. A few matters of form
  13. The data analysis checklist

7.1 Bootcamp session

We spent one of our bootcamp sessions going over this book and getting familiarized with some Jeff’s ideas as well as identifying sections that we can refer others to during our Data Science guidance sessions.

Below you can watch the video of our training session.

For more information about Jeff’s Leanpub materials, check this link.

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