Seminar III: R/Bioconductor

August-December 2009

Leonardo Collado Torres - Licenciatura en Ciencias Genómicas, LCG-UNAM                                      Versión en Español
Aug-Dec, 2009 - Cuernavaca, Mexico


This course will be taught at the Undergraduate Program on Genomic Sciences (LCG in Spanish) from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM in Spanish). It is directed at the third semester students from the sixth generation. It is meant as a Bioconductor overview course and its official name is Seminar III. It has an official length of 32 class hours. For more information on this undergraduate program visit LCG's main page. For example, the sections on Development of the Genomic Sciences in Mexico and LCG's International Evaluation could be of your interest.


This is the official course page for Seminar III: R/Bioconductor. Here you can find the lectures, exercises, answers, data and supporting material related to the course. Please check the syllabus for a description on the course, the objectives, project outline, a sample class and the tentative class calendar.

Comments by Sandrine Dudoit

"I have already mentioned this to Rafael, but I cannot stress enough how impressed I am by the quality of the LCG program and its outstanding students.
It is truly a pleasure to work with students that have such rare dedication, sense of initiative, and enthusiasm. In particular, I am delighted to see how proficient you have become with R and Bioconductor."
The comments were mady public with her consent. Rafael Palacios is the current LCG headmaster.


This course will serve as LCG's pilot OpenCourseWare (OCW) course. Our goal is to create a course of the highest quality worthy of being an OCW course. As such, we'll video record all the classes and we will prepare all the material both in Spanish and English.

The course has begun!!! :)

The format of this page is based on one created and with permission from James Bullard. He taught a course on R and Bioconductor on January 2008 at LCG. You can check it here.

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